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To improve at conversations:

What I do currently:

  • I reply with "that's cool/fun/awesome/etc." when someone shares something with me. It is dismissive and ends that conversation.
  • I have noticed I use a lot of  "I" statementafter somebody shares so that I can talk about my past experiences/what the persons story reminds me of - instead of asking more questions and letting the other person go deeper into their experience/story.


  • You could ask more questions and keep that conversation going. Get to know the person more, make them feel like you care about the conversation, and hear what they say. Since you were listening but I feel like these replies just do not show it.
  • Give more compliments
  • You can always be a better listener and more in the present moment

Why do I want to improve?

I want to get better at conversations and have more meaningful conversations, that get deep real quick and skip formalities.