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5 Beginner Rollerblading Tips

1. Stretch
  • Stretch before you begin & and whenever you start feeling tense
2. Don't look down
  • If you look down you will go down! (This is the first piece of advice I got from an experienced skater of 40+ years) Honestly really helped me out when I got right on the skating ring and my speed was a turtle's pace🐢. By the end of the night (about 3 hours) I was going as fast as most of the skaters. Now I just need to learn how to stop instead of falling or skating into people.
3. Take breaks
  • Take breaks when you start feeling tired or tense please do not keep going. You may be more likely to fall! (This happened to me I felt tired but kept saying one more round in my head because the ring was going to close soon. Then I got distracted, fell backwards, hard with the breath knocked out of me.)
  • I made a friend on the skate ring floor who has been skating for over 40 years upon observing them I noticed that they took so many breaks! They grooved hard for a few songs, then hopped off the floor and grooved to the music from the sidelines and watched everyone else skate.
4. Observe
  • When sitting on the side try to observe other skaters and see if you notice any tricks or tricks you want to learn next.
5. Ask for help
  • Ask others for tips and any other questions that are on your mind like learning a specific technique/trick. You can make friends this way and maybe you will see these people the next time you go rollerblading.

Here is me Rollerskating for the first time on wheels like these (the side by side wheels like cars 🚗 🛼):


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I rented myself some skates^^